Portfolio of construction projects

Portfolio of construction projects

By the order of "Vodokanal" St. Petersburg and GIOP we made the reconstruction of Russia's first fountain, built by imperial decree in the Alexander Garden in front of the Admiralty. We installed the sound-and-light show fountain system working in standalone mode with controllers. 1996-1998.

By the order of "Vodokanal" St. Petersburg and GIOP we also made ​​the project and carried out all the restoration and construction work on the fountain, located on the heroes avenue in Victory Park in Moscow Avenue. 1997-1999.

By the order of "Vodokanal" St. Petersburg and reconstruction projects implemented KGIOP we reconstructed a fountain on Nevsky Prospect near the Kazan Cathedral and four fountains near the Smolny Cathedral. 1998-2000.

The first sound-and-light fountains in St. Petersburg were designed by us.
Реконструкция универсама с дополнительной пристройкой

St. Petersburg, Power Engineers, 70

Reconstruction of a supermarket of 3500 m2 with an additional annexe 1,200 m2 of sales area

2000 - Design
2001-2002, - Construction
design and construction of the restaurant

проектирование и строительство ресторана

St. Petersburg, ul.Sotsialisticheskaya, 9

Design and construction of a hotel (the area of ​​3500 m2) with built restaurant

2002 - Design
2003 - Construction
design and construction of a shopping center

проектирование и строительство торгового центра

St. Petersburg, Leninsky, 140

Reconstruction of two industrial buildings with a total area of ​​12,000 m2 for the office and shopping center

2001 - Design
2002-2003 - Construction

реконструкция здания Петербург

St. Petersburg, pr.Obuhovskoy Defense, 53D

Five-storey building reconstruction, total area of ​​4000 m2, for housing the military personnel.

2003 - Design
2004 - Construction
design and construction of an apartment house

проектирование и строительство многоквартирного дома


Construction of an apartment building at 140 families in Arkhangelsk, the program providing housing for families of servicemen of internal troops.

2003 - Design
2005 - Construction
Design and construction of a workshop in Otradnoe

Проектирование и строительство цеха в Отрадном

Otradnoye Leningrad region

Design and construction of plant for production of transformer substations with a total area 6000 m2.

2006-2007, - Design
2007-2008, - Construction

Leningrad Oblast, a settlement Romanovka

Completed design and build a store for building materials trading company "Vimos" in the village Romanovka Leningrad region.