Architectural engineering


  •     Development, technical survey preparation and design of buildings specifications. Help and organization of the auctions and tenders for design, construction and installation work.
  •     Author and technical supervision during construction, cost estimating, and defective statements, preparation of acts of the hidden work.
  •     Accidents elimination development projects, major repairs, buildings renovation. Design of warehouse and industrial buildings.
  •     Passport for manufacturing plants and buildings.
  •     Development of designs of foundations for single-family houses and cottages.
  •     Advertising designs development, design and coordination of roofs, air conditioners, air ducts, concept of building facades development, project of window replacement fills.
  •     The calculation of insolation, KEO (daylight factor).
  •     Architectural and Restoration measurements.
  •     Survey of buildings falling in the zone adjacent building, a technical survey designs for balconies and terraces.