Design and construction industrial, commercial and residential buildings

Our company provides design services for projects of any complexity. We develop the following sections of project documentation for construction:

  •     Scheme planning organization of land parcel (General Plan).
  •     Architectural and planning decisions.
  •     Technological solutions.
  •     Constructive solutions.
  •     Projects of electricity, lighting, water supply, sewages, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, automatic.
  •     Interior design.
  •     Construction Management Project.
  •     Executive Summary.
  •     Combined estimated calculation.

Design is performed in two stages: the stage of "Project" (The progress of the documentation is adequate to protect the project in the State Examination) and the "Working Documents" (The amount of design documentation is not subject to examination, it is required directly on the construction site for work). Our organization also provides services to collect baseline data for the design and passage of state examination and serves as the "General designer."

Our organization is composed of experienced engineers and supervisors who are ready to perform a full range of construction works.